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I have been told I have a quick mind, calm demeanor, and multi-tasking skills that would rival any computer. I incorporate those skills into different types of media productions. Whether I’m on location, on the Web or in an edit suite, I dedicate my time to streamline the project and make it run like a smooth machine.

I’m damn good at running a film production here on home turf or on travels across the states and globe. Full of boundless energy, I am constantly motivated to managing any shoot no matter the challenges. Big budget or small, it all requires the same devotion to the job.

With over 12 years of experience in the media industry I have been called upon over and over again for a range of projects. Production Manager, Producer, Post Supervisor, Interactive Project Manager, and Website design and coding. I love hard work, staying busy, and doing it all for the opportunity to work with awesome people making kick ass creative work.

2005-Current: Owner – Film Production Manager / Coordinator, Producer, Post Supervisor, Interactive Media Producer and Project Manager, Web Designer, HTML Coding, DVD authoring, Editing, Mac Consultant

2012-2013: Senior Producer and Post Supervisor

2005-2006: Office Manager, Web Maintenance, Final Cut Editing, Graphic Designer

2002-2006: Office Manager, Mac consultant, Server IT Support / Maintenance, Web Designer, DVD Authoring, Final Cut Editing, Graphic Designer, Production Coordinator





It’s easy to reach me about your next film production, post project, or venture on the Web. Just a phone call or email away.

Jennifer McGhee (Moore)